Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It makes you proud to be human. . .

In today's news:
The world's most influential man, according to a survey by askmen.com, is a fictional character who smokes, drinks, and beds women in a 1970s world (Don Draper in Mad Men).

A Calgarian was mauled by a tiger after breaking into the Calgary zoo and crossing a fence meant to keep people at a safe distance from the tiger cage. Apparently he and a companion broke into the zoo just for the hell of it.

Women still do more of the housework than men in two-job families.

The Nova Scotia bishop who was caught with child porn on his computer had been reported to a church superior 20 years ago as showing porn to adolescent boys, and warned about it. "Obviously my message didn't get through to him," says Kevin Molloy, who passed the information on to the man who was archbishop at the time.

A leading sumo wrestler has been chastised for smiling and raising his arms after winning a tournament, horrifying the panel of judges.

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